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Pinterest Week Two: Cowl Love

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Since my knitting skills are not anything to talk about, my choices of knitting projects is limited (and so is my attention span!). Recently I discovered the *perfect* knitting project for me. I get to use super bulky yarn, there’s no counting involved, and I can finish the entire thing in one night. Introducing……the cowl!

I’ve made two cowls thus far, I love them that much.

The cowls were inspired by this pattern over at I wanted to use a chunkier yarn though, so I cast on 49 stitches onto my size 13 circular needles. This pattern does need to be worked in the round to create the awesome spiral effect. It can be modified to any length though, as long as you cast on an odd number of stitches. From joining in the round, you just K2, P2 until your ball of yarn is almost used up, then cast off! It’s that simple 🙂

I made one cowl in grey for my friend Laurie’s birthday. It is such a wonderful last minute gift. Like I said, these can be done in one night.

photo (4)

I of course had to try it on to make sure it looked awesome.

photo (1)


Then I made one in navy (which you can’t tell very well because of my lamp lighting) for myself and Nathan. Let me tell you, it is getting its use. One of us wears it every day.

navy cowl

As a last note, I used wool-ease thick and quick, but you can use any sort of yarn you want, you just have to make sure you cast on an appropriate amount to fit over your head. After knitting my first cowl, I really liked the warmth of the wool-ease, but also how it holds its shape. I can pull it up over my nose and mouth and leave only my eyes showing when it’s super cold out, but I can also squish it down and wear it all day with a sweater or dress. I love this cowl! I hope you will try making one; I’d love to see pictures if you do!



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